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The mission of the Amicitia Foundation is to promote dialogue between nations; initiating cooperation between citizens regardless their ethnic and racial affiliation, political views, as well as social status. In addition, Foundation aims to build cooperation between other organizations and government institutions. We achieve this goal through a holistic social activity, based on organizing cultural events…

Every day, Ukrainian defenders face an unequal fight with the Russian invaders. Unequal because they lack essential life-saving equipment.The effectiveness of the action is ensured by close cooperation with the voluntary Lviv and Luck organizations, which distributes the equipment further.

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The Amicitia Foundation was founded by Krzysztof Grzywna and Arkadiusz Stachowiak in the interest of society and the good name of Poland on the international arena. The founders are convinced that in terms of recent diplomatic crisis it is crucial. The Foundation’s mission is to focus on young people and their perception of the world, so that the next generations could cooperate with each other without prejudice, different versions of history and insinuations.


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„If not now, when?”

„If not now, when?” initiative: A grass-roots project done by students of Warsaw universities and implemented by the founders of the Amicitia Foundation in cooperation with Hillel Warszwa, JCC Warsaw and Uniwerek TV. The initiative was created in response to repercussions related to pushing the amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance in early 2018.

Amicitia Foundation’s Interviews

Recently launched interview series with some prominent representatives of Polish public life regarding politics, business and international relations. We have had an honour to welcome among our guests former President Lech Wałęsa, Israeli Ambassador to Poland Alexander Ben Zvi and Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich!



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