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WHEN: November 3-4

WHERE: Headquarters of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Congress is a two-day event regarding Polish-Israeli and Polish-German relations, based on a political and business approach.
The conference expands its thematic scope by including some aspects of multilateral discussions. Through a holistic analysis of current political and economic events, organizers want to bring the audience closer to possible ways of developing mutual relations now and in the future.
Furthermore, the congress aims to present Poland as a country of great opportunities, friendly to innovation and creating the right environment for doing business.

The planned schedule of the congress and topics to be discussed:

Economic Part
– Economic cooperation of Poland, Israel and Germany.
– Israeli and German investments in Poland and Polish in Israel and Germany.
– Cooperation in the area of innovation.

Social Part
– Polish-Israeli relations nowadays and perspectives for the future.

– The role and importance of international organizations in Polish-German-Israeli cooperation.
– Poland as Israel’s ally within the EU.
– Prospective vision of developing mutual relations in a social context.

Business Part (Forbes 25under25 & Forbes 30under30)
– New technologies and Innovations.
– Startups and the benefits of investing in them.
– How to encourage young people to start a business.
– How to raise funds for your own initiative?




November 3, 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.:

The social part is going to start with speeches of high-rank politicians representing the parties involved, who will briefly explain the benefits of a prosperous cooperation. After that the social part is to take place, where representatives of Polish-Jewish public life will debate on current bilateral relations and social aspects of recent political events. Later, the floor is to be taken by the social part representatives of Polish, Israeli and German young generations who are going to debate on socio-historical aspects of mutual relations as well as to create multi-vector interpersonal ties and strengthen a common historical memory through essential dialogue. The Day 1 will be followed by a solemn ending with an artistic part.


November 4, 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.:

Then the main economic part will take place, where well-known industry experts will cover the most crucial aspects of multilateral Polish-Israeli and Polish-German business relations. Business insiders will share their experience in creating multilateral business environment for Polish-Israeli and Polish-German cooperation. This part will be followed by startups pitches and is going to be combined with speeches of the prestigious Forbes magazine competitions’ winners.

At the end of each part of the event: Q&A session, refreshments and networking.


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