A grass-roots project done by students of Warsaw universities and implemented by the founders of the Amicitia Foundation in cooperation with Hillel Warszwa, JCC Warsaw and Uniwerek TV. The initiative was created in response to repercussions related to pushing the amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance in early 2018. “If not now, when?” laid the basement for the foundation of the Amicitia Foundation.
The inaugural Congress of the Amicitia Foundation, aimed to mark the presence of the foundation in the public life and presentation of Polish-Israeli relations, based on three levels; political, economic and socio-historical. Through a comprehensive analysis of the events taking place in 2018, the organizers brought the audience closer to possible ways to develop mutual relations in the future.

The Polish-Jewish common histor

With refference to the recent events associated with the Warsaw Summit and the wave of desinformation  aiming at Polish memory and the common Polish-Jewish history, we decided to make a short video in which we objectively present selected facts, enriching them with a subjective, conciliatory message.

Amicitia Foundation’s Interviews

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have to postpone our flagship projects for next year. Therefore we have decided to launch an interview series with some prominent representatives of Polish public life. They will be focused on politics, business and international relations and be mostly uploaded on our YouTube channel that was recently created, so we encourage you to subscribe in order to stay updated!

Above you can see the inaugural interview with our foundation council member, the Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich.