POLIS 19’ Congress

The Amicita Foundation cordially invites you to take part in the second edition of the Congress on Polish-Israeli relations, which will take place on November 26-27, 2019 in the building of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and at the Warsaw School of Economics. This year’s conference expands its thematic scope by including Germany in the multirateral discussions. Through a holistic analysis of current political and economic events, organizers want to bring the audience closer to possible ways of developing mutual relations now and in the future. Furthermore, the congress aims to present Poland as a country of great opportunities, friendly to innovation and creating the right environment for doing business.

The Congress will be preceded by one-day workshops, the participants of which will be young people from Poland, Israel and Germany. Workshops aim to create multi-vector interpersonal ties and strengthen a common historical memory through substantive discussions and essential dialogue. The economic part is going to start with speeches of high-rank politicians respresenting the parties involved, who will explain briefly the benefits of a prosperous trade. After that the floor is to be taken by the industry experts as well as the pitching of Polish startups will begin. All that is going to be combined with speeches of the winners of prestigious Forbes magazine competitions. In the social part representatives of Polish, Isreaeli and German young generations are going to debate on socio-historical aspects of mutual relations. They will be supported by the well-known experts (one representing each party). The debate will culminate with the expert’s speeches, followed by a solemn termination of the congress with an artistic part.

During the POLIS 19’ Congress the floor will be taken by, among others, Rolf Nikiel – German Ambassador to Poland, Jarosław Sellin – Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Jacek Chodorowicz – former Polish Ambassador to Israel, Janusz Reiter – former Polish Ambassador to Germany, Michael Schudrich – Chief Rabbi of Poland and Marek Dietl – President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/705831369928919/

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